Rehab Intake Process


1.     Assessment

An Addiction Friend advisor will perform an initial assessment. This will establish the extent to which any care is required and allows us to understand your desired outcomes. With this information we can formulate a recovery plan for your specific needs and circumstances before recommending a way to move forward with treatment. We will then suggest some options for you to consider and provide you with more information about our recommendations and explain the reasons for choosing them.


2.     Choose Your Rehab Centre

If you are happy with our recommendation, we will then agree on a date for admission to the rehabilitation programme. We will communicate with the treatment provider, reserve your place and explain the situation in detail, including any medical arrangements that might be necessary. If you are paying for your treatment with your private health insurance, we can also make help you arrange this.


3.     Confirmation and Payment

Once all the arrangements have been made, Addiction Friend will send you confirmation and provide you with all the information you need for admission. Most treatment providers will require a deposit for securing a place. We will provide you with all the necessary details for you to make a payment in part or in full to the treatment provider directly.


4.     Transport

If you are unable or not well enough to find your own way to rehab, we can make arrangements for a sober companion to travel with you. If you decide to attend rehab in another country, Addiction Friend will arrange for you to be picked up from the airport and taken directly to the clinic. We will also advise you of any visa requirements that may be necessary.


5.      Arrive for Treatment

On arrival at a treatment centre, a member of the clinics admission team will meet you and take care of all the formalities. If you have only paid a deposit at this stage, you may be asked to pay the remaining balance. You will then receive a physical and psychological assessment and begin your programme of care.

The team will help you settle in and explain all you need to know for your time there. Don’t forget that your Addiction Friend advisor is still available to help you at this stage if you have any question or concerns.